Shipping and payment

Shipping and payment

1. Click on the product you wish to buy.

2. From ”Product variations”, choose the particular piece you wish to buy and add it to your basket.

3. Choose more products, if you wish.

4. Go to your basket. If you have a discount code, enter it in ”Redeem a coupon”.

5. Choose ”Check out”.

6. Enter your personal information. The delivery address can be a different one than the client address.

7. Choose the delivery method (prices below).

8. Choose the payment method (invoice, online bank, credit card, PayPal etc.)

9. You can leave a comment on your order. Choose ”Buy now”.  Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

10. Your order has been placed. You will receive an order confirmation in your email. You will also be notified when we are sending your order. 


If you notice that you would still like to add more products to the same delivery, follow these instructions:

1. Send a message to

2. Make a new order and choose "Pickup"


NOTE. In order to choose Klarna as the payment method, you need to have the correct language and currency selected. They can be found at the top or bottom of the page. 

When buying from the online store, the client has the right to cancel and return their order within 14 days.


Delivery cost:

Finland: 8,9€ - Free delivery over 200€ orders

Sveden: 12,9€ - Free delivery over 300€ orders

Most of Europe: 17,9€ - Free delivery over 500€ orders

Norway, GB, France: 29,9€ - Free delivery over 700€ orders

Other countries: 29,9€+1€/product - Free delivery over 700€ orders


Quality criteria

We will individually check each product. Here are our quality criteria:


Products with label:

Perfect = Unused. No defects in the glaze or in the label!

Good = Unused. Minor defect in the label and/or the glaze.

Poor = Unused. The label is in bad condition and/or there is minor damage in the product.


Products without label:

Perfect = Unused.

Good = In good condition. There can be marks of usage in the glaze. Any product-specific defects are mentioned individually.

Poor = Heavily used or clearly a factory second. Not broken unless specifically mentioned.


Different labels:

Other = The label says: Iittala group / / product name.

Seasonal label = The only label available in seasonal products, apart from possible colour alternatives.

Made in Finland = The label says ”Made in Finland”.

Made in Thailand = The label says ”Designed in Finland. Made in Thailand”.


We do not always have all product variations in stock. We keep on acquiring more products all the time.

You will find the available variations in the product description.


The product photos are example photos. The photos taken of possible defects are also example photos, unless it is mentioned in the product description that the photos are taken of that particular product. 

More information on labels and bottom stamps: