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Explanations for condition classes and labels

We check each product separately and classify them into the following categories:

With label

  • Super good: unused, no flaws in the glaze or the label
  • Just fine: unused, small flaw on sticker and/or glaze
  • Well used: unused, label in bad condition and/or a small dent in the product

  • Super good: unused, no flaws in the glaze
  • Just fine: in good condition, the glaze may have traces of use
  • Well used: really used or clearly second-rate

    Label options
  • Fin/Thai: : The label says Iittala Group / / product name
  • Finland: The label says Made in Finland
  • Thailand: The label says Designed in Finland. Made in Thailand.
  • Thailand (Gold/Red/Green): 2017-2021 summer season mugs also color options

    Tips for choosing the right product and more information about stickers and stamps Here.

By browsing this page, you will find all the Moomin plates we have in stock.
Due to the lower demand for Moomin plates, we do not inspect them as thoroughly as the Moomin mugs. Therefore, Moomin plates only have 2 condition classes: "Just fine" and "Well used".
Currently, the "Supergood" condition class is a special feature only for Moomin mugs.
Note! No other store sells labeled products in different condition classes. A labeled "Just fine" condition equates to an ordinary, unused product you would find in a regular store, which has not undergone the same special inspection for flawlessness as Finmug does for all Moomin mugs.