Moomin mugs

We are really proud of our mugs and happy to be able to share the joy they bring with you. We check each mug separately, which is why we can offer several products in different fitness categories.

We add a product card to each of our hand-checked products so that you can be sure that your order meets your wishes.

Especially in mugs with stickers, we examine even the smallest aesthetic flaws that you might not even think you could find. The base stamp can also be selected if there is a version of the product with more stamps in our selection.

The product descriptions tell you what kinds of options there are for the Moomin product. We are getting more products all the time and if you are selling your own products, you can see our purchase price list here.

We are also the only online store where you can choose a Moomin mug that has been discontinued, completely flawless and with stickers.