Collection: Others Moomin Products

In this menu you will find Moomin dishes and decorations related to Moomin mugs.

Due to the lower demand for Moomin dishes and decorations, we do not check dishes and decorations as closely as Moomin mugs. That's why Moomin dishes and decorations have only 2 condition classes, weak and good/new.

labeless good/new: the product can be good or new. We don't check if the plate is definitely unused, so that's why there is no separate category "new".

With label good/new: The product can be good or new. We do not check the plate for manufacturing defects. That's why there is no separate category "new".

However, it should be noted that nowhere else do you sell products with labels in different fitness classes. In other words, the good/new condition classification corresponds to a completely normal unused product with a sticker, which just hasn't been subjected to the same special inspection for flawlessness, as we do for Moomin mugs that have left production.